Last Updated: May 15th, 2016

Privacy policy

This privacy policy is part of our "Terms of Use". It is meant to help you understand what data we collect, why we collect it, and what we do with it. By using Etrainer System you expressly consent to our „Terms of Use“ as well as the collection and use of your personal information as it is described in this „Privacy policy“ document.

Official Statement of Confidentiality (Further in text: Official Statement)

Refers to the Official Statement stored and used on Internet System It refers to information collected from Trainers and users which use the services of Etrainer System. Your Data is kept and stored in the database. Before using the services of Internet System Etrainer, please read the Official Statement and Privacy Policy.

Etrainer j.d.o.o. (Further in text: Etrainer), as a provider of services of the Internet System, Etrainer provides maximum effort to protect and preserve the privacy and confidentiality of all data. Etrainer reserves the right, as its sole discretion, to change or modify the Official Statement of Confidentiality. Modified Official Statement becomes valid immediately after its publication on Internet System Etrainer. Using the System after the change of the Official Statement implies that you accepted replaced and changed things. We suggest that you read the Official Statement of Confidentiality so that we can avoid any possible misunderstanding, to which we believe will not come. Information you give us is divided into two categories: personal and general

Personally Identifying Information accurately determine each individual user of Etrainer services, regardless of whether it is Trainer who is registered or user. For successful use of the Etrainer System we can ask for certain personal information so the process could be completed successfully for mutual benefit (e.g., name and surname, address, e-mail, phone number, birth date, etc.). By paying services through Etrainer System, we can ask for information about the number of your credit or debit card, expiry date, authorization code and other related information so that the process of the transaction is successfully completed. You can also fulfill some data that is on voluntary basis, it means you are not obligated to fulfill them to continue the process. When using our system and other sport services, please provide us with accurate and truthful information so we can identify you easily and eventually provide you better service. Personal data is used exclusively for the purpose of service quality provided to all users, improving system, implementation of the administrative and technical tasks, improving marketing and general company strategy and cooperation with the state and other law enforcement agencies. Etrainer reserves the right, if necessary, to transmit user’s personal data to the financial institution and/or bank in case of purchase and payment through internet or credit and debit cards. Etrainer distances itself from possible use of personal data by other legal entities for purposes other than mentioned above and Etrainer cannot be liable for any damage. If you have problems with updating, correcting or deleting data, you can always contact us at

General information cannot determine exactly every individual user. They are used for solving administrative and technical issues of Etrainer System, improvement of services and products related to Etrainer System, gathering information and collaboration with government and other law enforcement agencies (e.g., browser type, IP address, etc.) Trainers and users will receive e-mail notifications about the activities and processes related to the purchase of provided services and products. Notifications cannot be excluded because they are important for the functioning of the Etrainer System. We recommend that you check your e-mail periodically in order to avoid confusion. We strongly suggest that you do not give away your e-mail and password that you use to connect to the Etrainer System so you can prevent possible damage to your profile. Personally Identifying Information and all information collected on Etrainer System are stored and are accessible only to our authorized employees. To protect your rights even more, all sensitive information is encrypted. Our authorized employees are obliged to maintain the confidentiality of all data and if they do not meet their obligations or violate them in some way, they can be exposed to disciplinary actions, that includes getting fired and criminal prosecution. Complete safety in the use of Internet Services is not possible and the risk of harm will always exist. Our goal is to lower that possible damage to a minimum. Etrainer cannot guarantee complete protection of certain data appearing at Internet System Etrainer and we cannot be responsible for any damage due to unauthorized dissemination or disposition of information. Certain information that you post on Etrainer System is publicly visible and it can become the object of copying and unauthorized use. Etrainer is not responsible for such actions. Etrainer cannot be responsible for the behavior and work of third parties. If by any chance you do not want us to know any specific information about you, do not share it on Etrainer System nor send us over e-mail. Etrainer contains links that navigate you to other internet portals and systems owned by third parties which are not an ownership of Etrainer. Any Personally Identifying Information that you have entrusted to other internet portals and systems of third parties is directly and solely related to the same. Etrainer is not responsible for the content, privacy, policy and security practices of third parties or for the content of links that are displayed on Etrainer System. We encourage you to inform yourself about the terms of use and privacy policy of third parties before you give them your Personally Identifying Information.

Privacy policy for kids

Protecting the privacy and confidentiality of children is very important to us. For that reason, Etrainer does not knowingly collect or retain personally identifying information from children under 14 years old. If you are by any chance younger than 14, please do not use or visit Etrainer System. If we find out that personally identifying information of users under 14 years old is gathered at Etrainer System without confirmed parental consent, we will take appropriate steps to delete that information. If by any chance you find out that the child under 14 years old is registered at Etrainer System or that he/she is using it for any reason, contact our customer support service via and we will delete account and personally identifying information from our system.

You can change and update your personal information on Etrainer System. If you have any questions about the Privacy policy, Official Statement of Confidentiality or Terms of Use, contact us anytime. By using the services of the Etrainer System you accept the Privacy policy, Official Statement of Confidentiality and Terms of use and that you fully read, understood and accepted all of them.

If you have any further questions regarding the measures and techniques that we are using in our business, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time via our e-mail . We will try to respond as soon as possible.

Thank you for your trust,

Your Etrainer team